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Name » Slot « Type Cost Source
Cursed Ring Cursed Ring Finger Major 6000 H5
Decreases enemy luck by 2
Dragon Eye Ring Dragon Eye Ring Finger Major 25000 H5
Adds +1 to all hero's attributes and increases initiative of all shooters in hero's army by 10%
Elemental Waistband Elemental Waistband Finger Minor 5000 H5
Allows Summon Elemental spell to be equipped. Increases spellpower by +4 when Summon Elemental spell is cast
Ring Of Celerity Ring Of Celerity Finger Major 10000 H5
+10% to all units' initiative during combat
Ring of Caution Ring of Caution Finger Minor 10000 H5
Increases hero attack and defense by +2, but decreases all creature's speed in hero army by -1
Ring of Lightning Protection Ring of Lightning Protection Finger Minor 5000 H5
Grants a 50% protection from lightning-based spells.
Ring of Sar-Issus Ring of Sar-Issus Finger Relic 40000 H5
Reduces the mana cost of all hero's spells by half.
Ring of Speed Ring of Speed Finger Relic 20000 H5
Increases initiative of all your creatures by 20%.
Ring of Vitality Ring of Vitality Finger Minor 4000 H5
Increases maximum hit points of all creatures in hero's army by +2.
Ring of the Broken Will Ring of the Broken Will Finger Major 6000 H5
Decreases morale of enemy creatures by -2.
Ring of the Unrepentant Ring of the Unrepentant Finger Major 6000 H5
Immunity to Word of Light spell.
This information comes from the Heroes V release version (v1.5).

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