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Name Slot Type » Cost « Source
Four Leaf Clover Four Leaf Clover Pocket Minor 1500 H5
Increases luck by +1.
Necklace of the Lion Necklace of the Lion Neck Minor 1500 H5
Increases morale by +1.
Sextant of the Sea Elves Sextant of the Sea Elves Pocket Minor 2500 H5
Allows hero to travel faster over sea.
All-Seeing Crown All-Seeing Crown Head Major 3000 H5
Allows hero to see farther over terrain (+4 to range of view).
Necklace of the Bloody Claw Necklace of the Bloody Claw Neck Minor 3000 H5
Adds +1 damage to all creatures in hero's army.
Armor of Valor Armor of Valor Chest Minor 3000 H5
Increasing hero's Defence and Morale by +1
Magic Scroll Magic Scroll Shield Major 3000 H5
Allows casting of a magic spell from this scroll.
Breastplate of Eldritch Might Breastplate of Eldritch Might Chest Minor 4000 H5
Adds +2 to hero's Spellpower.
Necromancer's Helm Necromancer's Helm Head Minor 4000 H5
Increases hero's knowledge by +2
Ring of Vitality Ring of Vitality Finger Minor 4000 H5
Increases maximum hit points of all creatures in hero's army by +2.
Sword of Might Sword of Might Weapon Minor 4000 H5
Adds +2 to hero's attack.
Elemental Waistband Elemental Waistband Finger Minor 5000 H5
Allows Summon Elemental spell to be equipped. Increases spellpower by +4 when Summon Elemental spell is cast
Sack of Endless Gold Sack of Endless Gold Shoulders Minor 5000 H5
Provides your kingdom with 250 gold every day.
Turban of Enlightenment Turban of Enlightenment Head Major 5000 H5
All experience gained by hero is increased by 10%.
Phoenix Feather Cape Phoenix Feather Cape Shoulders Minor 5000 H5
Enhances your fire-based spells by 50%.
Emerald Slippers Emerald Slippers Feet Minor 5000 H5
+50% damage to earth spells
Boots of Magical Defense Boots of Magical Defense Feet Minor 5000 H5
Grant hero a 10% magic resistance.
Ring of Lightning Protection Ring of Lightning Protection Finger Minor 5000 H5
Grants a 50% protection from lightning-based spells.
Trident of the Titans Trident of the Titans Weapon Minor 5000 H5
Enhances your lightning-based spells by 50%.
Evercold Icicle Evercold Icicle Neck Minor 5000 H5
Enhances your cold-based spells by 50%.
Cloak of Sylanna Cloak of Sylanna Shoulders Minor 5000 H5
Decreases damage from enemy earth spells by 50%
Ring of the Unrepentant Ring of the Unrepentant Finger Major 6000 H5
Immunity to Word of Light spell.
Cape of the Lion's Mane Cape of the Lion's Mane Shoulders Major 6000 H5
Increases morale by +2.
Windstrider Boots Windstrider Boots Feet Minor 6000 H5
Increases all units speed by +1
Golden Horseshoe Golden Horseshoe Pocket Major 6000 H5
Increases luck by +2.
This information comes from the Heroes V release version (v1.5).

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