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Q: How would you define the main innovation of the project?
A: I think it is gameplay acceleration without loss of its quality or depth 8.

Q: It means the same, but more compact and faster? Then how the words about improving the strategic component of gameplay should be understood? Doesn't it mean some scale, wide map view, thoughtful planning above the battlefield etc.? In short, what do you mean with "improved strategic gameplay"?
A: As said on the game site: "More flexible town development line will allow usage of various long-term schemes, and new possibilities in character development enhance your tactical arsenal. Unique distinguishing features of each race will make your gaming experience more diverse and brighter!"
I understand these are common words carrying no information, but it is everything we can say yet. Let the details be a surprise :).

Q: Will there be a random map generator or at least a map editor in the game?
A: Yes.

Q: Minimal and recommended system requirements?
A: The game is still in a stage of development when system requirements are not fully formulated.

Q: DVD or CD? (it would be optimal to have both)
A: At the moment it is too early to discuss the format of the product, since all minds are concentrated on development. :) But most likely Heroes V, as well as our other recent titles, will be released in both formats.

Q: What multiplayer modes will be available?
A: There will be the hotseat and some more modes. We'll tell the details a bit later, but I can say that multiplayer will become more dynamical, and there are several ways to prevent you from getting bored of waiting for the opponent to end turn.

Q: How many castles will there be?
A: 6.

Q: Will Sandro be back?
A: The game will feature both new heroes and heroes known from the previos games of the series. It's being discussed which.

Q: Will there be the swamp castle, the Fortress?
A: We'll announce soon what castles will be available besides the human castle and the Inferno.

Q: Is the "6 castles" thing fixed? Are you planning to add more in addons or during development?
A: Yes, there will be 6 castles in the game, and this number isn't going to be changed. It's too early to speak about addons.

Q: Will there be some balance between good and evil races?
A: The question is not quite clear :). I can say you will be able to play each race and decide for yourself which are good and which are evil :).

Q: Are you planning to implement a build tree in the castles, when some buildings prohibit construction of others? This concept existed in Heroes IV in rudimentary form, but it was never implemented quite right.
A: The town construction system will become more flexible, as a consequence giving the player more freedom in choosing the build order. It will allow filling the game with a number of different tactical schemes and will help less experienced players whose main problem is often the lack of resources.

Q: Will heroes participate in combat themselves?
A: Heroes of certain classes will be able to directly participate in combat.

Q: Are you planning to release a fansite construction kit including buttons, frames, backgrounds and the game logo?
A: A good idea! Maybe not soon, but closer to the game release we'll try to create such a kit.

Q: Will it be possible to include language packs in the game?
A: It's too early to talk about that.

Q: Number of skills, skill slots and grades (Basic/Advanced/Expert or also Master and Grandmaster)?
A: We'll explain the skill system in detail a little later. :) For now, I can say it was reworked... character classes affect their skills and abilities.

Q: Are there different attack and defense types? (In IV melee and ranged attacks were distinct.)
A: No.

Q: Will it be possible to use chains of troops like in III? Or are you planning to limit usage of such tactic?
A: It will be possible. 8)

Q: Can you only hire heroes of the race you play or any race?
A: Heroes of the castle's race are more probable to appear in it.

Q: How many unit types does each race have?
A: 7.

Q: How many upgrade levels will units have? (two like in Heroes III or more)
A: 2.

Q: Will there be an underground level?
A: Yes. 8)
Q: Will unit population grow every day or once a week?
A: Once a week - it wouldn't be interesting otherwise.

Q: Will an army be able to move without a hero?
A: No.

Q: Will the Heroes IV-like alternate creature build system be removed?
A: Yes, it will be.

Q: Are there people in the development team who participated in championships and tournaments for any Heroes game?
A: Most of the developers are experienced fans of the Heroes of Might and Magic series, many of them participated in championships.

Q: What is Heroes for most of them - singleplayer or multiplayer?
A: Everyone has their own preferences :), so we try to make both singleplayer and multiplayer have their own good sides :).

Q: Will the battlefield be expanded?
A: Battlefield size will vary based on sizes of the fighting armies.

Q: Will their be new unusual spells (besides defensive or dealing damage)?
A: Yes, there will be a wide variety of spells, including those neither offensive nor defensive.

Q: Do you really have free beer? And for what purpose?
A: Yes, we really have free beer 8|. For the purpose of drinking it in a good company :*.

Q: Can you clarify the random map generator/map editor issue? Your previous answer doesn't state which one will be implemented.
A: Sorry 8|. There will be both a random map generator and a map editor. A boy and... a boy :).

Q: Will there be a campaign editor?
A: It isn't decided yet.

Q: Somewhere in the news it was mentioned that Nival is also working on the Might and Magic universe. So this is the question: Are you planning to continue such a good idea as Might and Magic 6 [10? - translator remark] by the Nival company?
A: Nival is indeed working on the Might and Magic universe, for the Heroes of Might and Magic V universe is a part of it. Ubisoft is planning to create a single integrate universe of Might and Magic. Out further plans are a secret yet :p.

Q: Will we see beautiful drawn portraits of heroes and creatures?
A: Certainly! 8)

Q: How many creature levels will be in the game?
A: The question is not quite clear. o_O

Q: Will it be possible to edit units in the map editor?
A: Possibilities of the editor have not yet been discussed.

Q: What platforms will be supported, can we expect Heroes V being ported to GNU/Linux or Mac?
A: Such technical questions have not yet been discussed.

Q: Will there be combined artifacts?
A: There is no precise answer yet.

Q: Will heroes on the global map move immediately after clicking the mouse or only the path will be shown after the first click, without moving the hero? (It isn't clear from the video - if there is a second click, the cursor doesn't reflect it.)
A: The path will first be shown, otherwise you can get lost... ;)

Q: Will you be able, like in Heroes III, to perform all actions with mouse without touching the keyboard?
A: Yes.

Q: Do the developers read this forum, and will any of the proposed ideas implemented? Or do the ideas fall on deaf ears?
A: Of course, we read everything very thoroughly. Unfortunately, we can't reply as often as we want to... Concerning ideas - yes, perhaps some of them will be implemented, one way or another.

Q: Will caravans remain in the game?
A: No.

Q: Will it be possible to record replays to share your completed games with the others?
A: At this stage of development such options have not yet been discussed.

Q: Will unit stacks gain experience like in Heroes 3.5?
A: No.

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