Larisa's Question and Answer

1) There will be no restrictions depending on race, skill or Hero’s level concerning the usage of artifacts.

2) Artifact information text shows it’s abilities. There are no “hidden” powers which you need to unlock somehow.

3) There will be NO “cursed” artifacts, which cannot be removed until some decursing is made.

Q – Can I hold my Hero’s turn and make a move, when it is most desired? Like casting “Slow” spell after the enemy Hero casts “Haste” spell? Or do I have to wait until the next turn? And also – what is the general turn system? How is it organized?

A – You can hold your Hero’s initiative by half, but it will not give you a possibility to act at any moment you like (like in HoMMI-HoMMIII), but generally – you can control the turn in wich your units move.
A-2 – Combat is not literally turn-based. It is a real-time combat with pauses.

Q – Will there be some mechanisms (like ATB-scale), which can help me to find out in which turn the units will act in the long run?

A - The ATB-scale system is now in the process of reworking, but you will not be able to guess the turn of unit moves over large scales of time.

6) The aquatic creatures will act like in HoMMI-III, meaning – they will be static.

Q - Will there be full detailed table after victory like in Warlords 3? The number of units killed, numbers of saves made, etc.

A – No.

8) Each faction will have it’s unique skill, like Necromancy for Necropolis Heroes. [Similar to Heroes IV]

9) The square grid walking distance will work in this way: 1/1.5 – meaning the first diagonal square will cost as much as 2 vertical/horizontal, the second will cost 1, then 2, then 1 again, etc.

Q – What will be the maximum screen resolution?

A – We can’t tell you for sure yet. It is likely it will be 1600x1200.

11) Each faction’s “caster” units – will have different spell-lists and abilities.

12) The Spellbook will not be redesigned. So it’s 6 spells per page.

Q – Will there be Phoenix? If there will be, what will it be? A neutral creature? Summoned through Creature portal?

A – The question is far too blunt. Lets say – yes, Phoenix is in. But in which way – will still be a secret.

14) The Heroes will be able to “fly” from place to place via teleportation spell, but only if certain conditions are met.

15) The Heroes’s specializations will be rather trivial. No unique specs like in Armageddon's Blade, etc.

Q - Will there be any mechanisms or other technical stuff?

A – Yes, for example Golems and Ballistas are mechanical. But there will be no guns or Dragon Golems.

Q - Will the blood be spilled from the Undead?

A – For now – it is spilling.

18) The basic Hero stats will be – Offence, Defence, Spell Power and Knowledge (their names are still not final though).

19) If the battle is lost – you will be able to re-hire the Hero, just as in HoMMIII.

20) The creatures will not be able to “climb walls” (so we are left only with flying and teleportation).

21) You cannot put your archer-units upon the walls or towers.

21) There will be no game optimization for Sli-videocards.

22) There will be situations where a unit with high initiative will already make 5 actions, while another unit with lower initiative will make only 3.

23) There will be no elixirs or potions in the game.

24) There will be different difficulty levels. But how they differ is another question.

25) The defensive buildings will progress as usual: Fort -> Citadel -> Castle.

26) The game cinematics will be engine-based.

27) You will be able to leave some of your forces to guard your various resource-production mines.

28) Only Heroes can gain experience, units cannot.

29) Only two heroes can participate in one battle.

30) The information on the experience system will be given at the late November-beginning of December.

31) The world maps will be greater than 144x144. The exact maximum map size will be revealed later.

32) The game models are made with MAYA system.

33) Upon the entering the City you will be shown a short movie – where the camera circles around the city but you can skip it. While at the city screen you can freely turn or adjust your camera view.

34) Artifacts can be sold.

Q – Can the Hero retreat if all of his units are blinded (or are under some other harmful effects that causes them to miss a turn)?

A – this is still under work.

36) The units will face each other in usual manner.

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