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Question: As we understood, the E3 trailer is the HoMM V startup movie. What is shown in it? Ordinary incident from daemon invasion recently started in human kingdom or a key moment from the fall of King Nicolai? And what's with that bone dragon who appeared in the end?
Answer: This trailer was designed especially for E3. It shows a fight between daemons and humans. It's not clear yet, whether the trailer will feature in the final version of the game.

Question: As it was already mentioned in Western press, in Heroes V dragons will play one of the key roles. At least, it's the prehistory of world in Heroes V. But how "real" will the dragons figure in Heroes V? Will they be units, you'll be able to get as a reward for some quests or will it be possible to hire them in external dwellings?
Answer: It's correct, dragons will be one of the key creatures and you'll be able to hire them. Whether or not you'll be able to get dragons as a reward for completed quests depends entirely on the fantasy of map designers.

Question: In Sermill's comments we finally get some clearance on sacramental expression: "Heroes won't directly participiate in battles. However, they'll feature in battles more than in Heroes III." (then there is excerpt from Sermill's preview which says that human heroes will be able to do direct damage while being invincible). The question is: what will be the corresponding skills (or abilities) for Inferno and Necropolis heroes?
Answer: We don't want to reveal everything just now, so we'll only say that Inferno hero will be able to appear on the battlefield not only to deal direct damage to enemy creatures.

Question: In the end of one of the gameplay videos that shows us heroes movement on the map, hero is levelling up. One can see that it's possible to choose between improving his skills or gaining new abilities. How are skills and abilites connected between themselves? Like in Heroes IV? - that is, for example, will you need at least Advanced Logistics in order to be able to get Pathfinding. And similar questions: will there be three skill levels (Basic, Advanced, Expert)? And won't the abilities have any levels?
Answer: Once again, currently we're unable to fully answer your questions. Yes, the skills will have three levels.

Question: It was said many times that the size of battlefield will depend on the size of battling units (stacks). But how the size will vary (minimum-maximum size)? What is the maximum number of units (stacks) that could fight for each side?
Answer: Battlefield can increase more than twice its initial size. We won't tell the precise numbers.

Question: In Western previews was mentioned mysterious Trailer Path, by which it'll be easier to locate opponent heroes and find out the size (strength?) of passing army? How will this "Path" work? Will it be simple represantations of horse's claws you'll be able to click on, finding out additional information on army? On what will the precision of this information depend (that is: will it depend on the number of "thieves guildes", some special heroic ability)?
Answer: You won't be able to click on path. Ability to define armies strength will come with your own experience.

Question: Sermill also said that there'll be 6 types of magic that won't be tied to races (a la Heroes III). On http://www.mightandmagic.com we long ago noticed small icons , and now it's clear that they refer to four types of magic. Let's try naming them:

Spell Symbols

Life Magic: improving your units (Bless, Morale, Mirth, Shield, etc.) Death Magic: indirectly harming opponet units (Curse, Weakness, etc.) Chaos Magic: dealing direct damage (Fireball, Chain Lightning, etc.) Nature Magic: summoning units on battlefield (Summon ...) The question is: what will be the two other magic schools?
Answer: Your version is closer to the truth.

Question: Types of resources will stay the same: wood, ore, sulfur, mercury, crystals, gems and gold?
Answer: You guessed correctly.

Question: By screenshots and videos we can deduce that the units in Haven will be: pikeman, archer, griphon, monk, swordman, cavalier and angel (with upgrades) - that is, human castle will be transferred from Heroes III with all it's units. Does it mean that in every castle there'll be 7 units?
Answer: We're currently unable to comment on this.

Question: Fabrice already said that "Fog of War" will be in Heroes V. But will it be optional?
Answer: Fog of War will be in one level - like in Heroes III ("shroud"). We haven't decided yet, whether or not it will be optional (that is, will it be possible in multiplayer to reveal all the map).

Question: In E3's demonstrations on adventure map Inferno's hero is without a horse. Does it mean that he "doesn't deserve" a horse? (On the other hand, why can't he use Nightmare from his own castle as a horse?)
Answer: The hero is very big (read: the Lord of the Deamons), so not even Nightmare is able to carry him.

Question: Judging by the E3's battle video, retaliation in battles is in the vein of Heroes III (at first the attacker strikes, then the survivors retaliate). Is it correct?
Answer: Correct.

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