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The following questions are answered by the game developers, Nival Interactive

1) Question: Tell us, please, in more detail about "a classical mode of fight". How much it will differ from a traditional step-by-step mode of fight from the previous series? What are the advantages of new system of combat?

Answer: Differences of new system of combat carry, most likely, a more evolutionary character, and its main advantage is in the variety of tactical possibilites. Creatures in a hero's army, for example, have a level of 'initiative'. The level of initiative that is higher will allow the creature to attack more often than one of a lower initiative. Besides this, the player has an opportunity to place the soldiers before battle according to features of a landscape on a battlefield. It is not necessary to forget and that each creature has unique features. All this makes serious changes to tactical model of fight, making it deeper and moreserious.

2) Question: Tell us, please, in more detail about siege combat. How it will look? (the size of a battlefield, landscape, if it is possible to pull down walls, efficiency of shooting towers?) than it will differ from sieges in Heroes III?

Answer: The size of a battlefield in a siege will be larger than a standard battlefield and will yield certain advantages to the besieged player. Walls collapse under a catapult which the player doesn't control, and shooting towers will cause an additional loss of the army besieging the town. In addition walls of each town will have special features: walls Academy, for example, are surrounded by mines, and Dungeon by poisonous spears.

3) Question: Whether any magic will be accessible to all heroes? Whether it will be necessary to have special skill for mastering by any school of magic? On what efficiency of applied spells will depend?

Answer: Yes, theoretically each hero can seize any school of magic at possession special skill. On the other hand, each of them will be predisposed to development of the certain magic abilities depending on the ideological preferences. It is logical e.g. it is hardly surprising that Dark Magic and Light Magic won't be offered equally to a hero of the noble knight school. Well, and efficiency of applied spells will depend on parameters of the hero and its special features.

4) Question: You have already mentioned special abilities of Haven and Academy (Charge and increase of cost of application of spells of the opponent). Give us, please, examples special abilities of heroes of other towns. How many special abilities will be at each town?

Answer: Yes, heroes of all races will have special features, it was a subject of our long and hot discussions. But it would not be desirable to repeat more recently we in detail told about each of them on an official site of game where this information is accessible and now.

5) Question: Whether there will be in game modular artefacts? If will be, whether that they will be accessible not only in campaigns, but also in single missions?

Answer: If creation of artefacts by the player we shall remind means, that unique feature of heroes Academy is the opportunity to collect small artefacts at presence in the city of special building. These artefacts can be given to the soldiers of an Academy army. This unique opportunity will be accessible both in campaigns, and in single missions.

6) Question: Orcs appear In history of the Academy town. Whether there will be orcs simply "neutral" units or they will receive the town in one of the expansions?

Answer: Orcs will not be in Heroes of Might and Magic V at all.

7) Question: Practically in each version of "Heroes" there is the scope for updating (as WoG for Heroes III and Equilibris for Heroes IV). How the developer and the publisher looks on such player creativity? Will any steps be taken towards easing the work of mod-builders? (For example, whether export-import of models from 3DMax/Maya, structures, animation, etc. is planned in the editor?)

Answer: We regard the mod-builders' work quite favourably, and, we think, will manage to satisfy their inquiries. But it is too early to speak about it in detail :).

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