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The Necromancer (Necropolis Campaign)

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The Undead rise, the Griffin falls
  1. The Temptation
  2. The Attack
  3. The Invasion
  4. The Regicide
  5. The Lord of Heresh

Mission Five: The Lord of Heresh

Markal is almost ready to recreate the Vampire's Garment. The only thing that remains to be done is to take the Necromancer's Amulet from Godric and go to the Hall of Heroes, where Nicolai's body lies. There, Markal will perform the Rite of the Night to bring the dead king back into this world.

Map Size: 96x96

Starting Bonus:

3 Liches


1 Bone Dragon

Cape of the Lion's Mane

Increases morale by +2.

Obtain Amulet of Necromancy
A new obstacle has appeared in the Necromancer's path. Treacherous Godric, who learned of Markal's plans, has barricaded himself and the Amulet of Necromancy in Hikm.
Markal will have to find a way to get the artifact.
Capture Godric's daughter.
To lure Godric out of the city, Markal must find the proper bait, and Godric's daughter will serve well.
Markal can take her from the prison near the city of Newpost.
Bring Godric's daughter to Lorekeep
Godric is just a man, weak with his own fears and sympathies. He will do anything for the life of his daughter.
Bring his daughter to Lorekeep to begin negotiations.
Capture Hikm
Markal has found a more elegant solution...
With Angel's Wings in his posession, Markal will be able to reach Hikm on his own.
Markal and Isabel must survive
Markal and Isabel must survive in order to reach their goal and continue on.
Acquire the Amulet within one month
As soon as the necromancer left, Godric started his own game in order to prevent the plans of Markal and Isabel to come true. The betrayer locked himself in Hikm, blocked the sea-lane, destroyed the portal which lead to town and refused to give back the Amulet of Necromancy. Markal will have to find the way to capture Hikm and return the Amulet. And he has to do it quick because Godric is about to destroy the Amulet. The Amulet can be destroyed in the Night of Triple Lunar Eclipse. Unfortunately, this night will come in a month.

Secondary Objectives:
Kill Black Dragons.
Kill Black Dragons to raise them as undead Bone Dragons.
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