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The Ranger (Sylvan Campaign)

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Defending honor and country
  1. The Refugees
  2. The Emerald Ones
  3. The Defense
  4. The Archipelago
  5. The Vampire Lord

Mission One: The Refugees

War is inevitable. Small clashes happen every day in the borderland between the once allied nations of Irollan and the Griffin Empire. Elven King Alaron, whose domain has been destabilized by Agrael's raid and the fighting in the Silver Cities, wants to defer the beginning of the war at all costs.

Mission Two: The Emerald Ones

Findan must find Dragons in the region of the Blazing Sands -- now occupied by the Demons -- and enlist their support in the war against the Undead. Without their aid, Irollan is doomed to failure.

Mission Three: The Defense

While Findan was absent, the army of the Vampire Lord Nicolai besieged the capital of Irollan, Syris Thalla. Findan will have to break their lines and lift the siege. The future of Irollan, the honor of the Elves, and quite possibly the fate of all of Ashan are at stake.

Mission Four: The Archipelago

Now that an army led by Findan's apprentices stands guard over Syris Thalla, nothing prevents him from traveling to the Dragonmist Islands to meet Tieru. There, he will learn the truth of Alaron's worries of a menace endangering the whole world.

Mission Five: The Vampire Lord

While Findan was absent, the Elves succeeded in lifting the siege of Syris Thalla and liberating much of the Elven kingdom. But victory is not at hand yet, from southwest, Irollan is threatened by the Vampire Lord Nicolai. Findan will have to defeat this mighty foe.

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