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Rage of the Tribes (Rage of the Tribes)

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  1. A Murder of Crows

The Will of Asha (The Will of Asha)

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  1. Last Soul Standing
  2. The Grim Crusade
  3. The Bull's Wake
  4. Beasts and Bones
  5. Heart of Darkness

To Honor our Fathers (To Honor our Fathers)

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  1. Collecting Skulls
  2. One Khan, One Clan
  3. Father Sky's Fury
  4. Mother Earth's Wisdom
  5. Hunting the Hunter

Flying to the Rescue (Flying to the Rescue)

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  1. Dark Ways and Deeds
  2. Tearing the Veil
  3. Summoning the Dragon
  4. A Flamboyant Exit
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