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Ylaya's Quest (Mixed Campaign)

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Turmoil in Ygg-Chall
  1. The Spy
  2. The Break
  3. The Meeting
  4. Dragons
  5. The Decoupling

Mission One: The Spy

The short reign of Raelag, who combined the Dark Elf Clans into one state, ended with his disappearance. The clans are free again, and everyone hopes to determine their own fate. Some are willing to challenge again the Mother of Shadows and convert to living under another Dragon's patronage, while others will have to take Raelag's way and restore the rule of Malsara.

Mission Two: The Break

A true adept of Malsara is like a shadow: she's quick, imperceptible and relentless. The flames of war do not cover the Dark Elven land of Ygg-Chall yet, but their warmth already heats the angry heroes of two great families – Clan Shadowbrand and Clan Soulscar. Once again, as before, their confrontation will determine the future of all the citizens of Ygg-Chall.

Mission Three: The Meeting

War rages under the mountains of Ashan. The faithful of Malassa find themselves fighting not merely the Dwarves, but their own Dark Elf kin as well. Desperate times require desperate measures, and the dragon-gods may recruit anyone at all when an entire nation is in peril.

Mission Four: Dragons

Two fates, two variants of Ygg-Chall's future meet at last on the battlefield. On one side is power-mad Thralsai and his Demonic allies; arrayed against them are the experience of Raelag and the mystical powers of Ylaya. It is here, near the resting place of the heroes of old, that the dispute between Chaos and Shadow will be settled.

Mission Five: The Decoupling

Shadow is strongest where there is little light, and luck favours Dark Elf fighters while they war in their vast caverns. But no one can tell what will happen when they stand in battle, on the surface, against the children of Light and Fire. Perhaps new allies will come to the aid of the clans of Ygg-Chall in this battle. Or perhaps they, too, are but pawns in the game that Order and Chaos have played since the day the world was made -- and they will be sacrificed accordingly.

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