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Flying to the Rescue (Flying to the Rescue)

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  1. Dark Ways and Deeds
  2. Tearing the Veil
  3. Summoning the Dragon
  4. A Flamboyant Exit

Mission One: Dark Ways and Deeds

Though he has finally secured his position in the Silver Cities as First of the Circle, Zehir has no time to rest. With Necromancers, Demon cultists, and Orcs invading in the north he has plenty of new problems to deal with. Rumours of further trouble with Isabel in the Griffin Empire only add to his worries. Zehir must visit the northern cities to see what he can do, and then find out the truth behind the strange stories surrounding the Griffin queen.

Mission Two: Tearing the Veil

Zehir has acquitted himself nobly in Ygg-Chall; Ylaya and her armies will come to his aid in Talonguard. However, Zehir now needs to find out what is going on with the rebels in the Griffin Empire. In the hopes of uniting them and helping their cause he has gone in search of Godric's daughter, Freyda, and Duke Duncan.

Mission Three: Summoning the Dragon

Things are moving well - both the Dark Elves and the loyal Griffin Empire troops are massing to attack Talonguard. However, news of Demon reinforcements is worrying and Zehir has decided to talk to the Dwarves. He must find Duncan's friend, Wulfstan, and see what can be done to reconcile the warring Dwarven factions. One thing is probable; the only force strong enough bring the clans of the Stone Halls back together is their Dragon-God, Arkath.

Mission Four: A Flamboyant Exit

The allies have done everything that they can. Nations have been set in motion, armies have taken the field, and soon it will all come down to the moment of truth. Biara must be made to pay for her heinous crimes, and the Demons Sovereign's plans must be thwarted. But it will take magic, fire, steel, and blood to see this thing through to the end.

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