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The Will of Asha (The Will of Asha)

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  1. Last Soul Standing
  2. The Grim Crusade
  3. The Bull's Wake
  4. Beasts and Bones
  5. Heart of Darkness

Mission One: Last Soul Standing

The Kingdoms of the Death Lords, scattered throughout the lands of Heresh, have lost all interest in furthering the plans of their one Goddess, Asha. The troubles in the realms around them have allowed them to live their undead lives unchallenged, and a quiet and lethargic peace has settled unto these once dangerous and active territories. Arantir has come out of his studious isolation preaching that he is the chosen of Asha, and that Heresh shall once again be united under the rule of a single High Lord. His magical powers are more than sufficient to back his words. Numerous Necropolises have fallen or been convinced to join him. The Vampire Lord Giovanni, has been taming the lands around his kingdom, hoping to offer them as a consequential gift of affiliation to the chosen one. Lady Ornella, a Griffin Countess turned disciple of death, is one of Giovanni's many exuberant accolytes. He has a special mission for her. In exchange she hopes to finally be given the final rites to conversion and become a Necromancer.

Mission Two: The Grim Crusade

Heresh has now been united under the leadership of Asha's chosen, Arantir. The High Lord has accomplished the will of Asha, but the capture of Iluma-Nadin confirmed his suspicions. Asha called him for a greater task. Demons now walk the soil of Ashan, and they are supported by corrupt Sorcerers from the Silver Cities. Arantir must now unleash his legions of Undead into the lands of the Wizards to route out the taint of Chaos before it can become a true threat to the balance of Asha.

Mission Three: The Bull's Wake

The extent of Giovanni's network was in adequation with his personal ambition. Dormant cells of Undead had been cleverly hidden within the borders of the Griffin Empire. Arantir sends Ornella to consolidate them under his rule and to enrol them in his fight for the restoration of Asha's equilibrium. Ornella must enter the Bull Duchy and find Giovanni's hideouts. Their exact location was kept a secret even from her.

Mission Four: Beasts and Bones

The Bull Duchy has been washed of the Demon Taint and the lifeless bodies of its most blasphemous subjects recruited into the ranks of Arantir's legions. The chase for Orlando continues as he once again managed to escape into the neighboring Wolf Duchy. It has become obvious that something is rotten in the government of the Griffin Empire. Arantir has discovered that the Demon Cultists hold the town of Flammschrein in great esteem and claim it to be the holy city of their new religion. Arantir knows that if Ashan is to be cleaned of the taint of Chaos, the heart of this cult must be ripped from its body.

Mission Five: Heart of Darkness

The ghastly smoke drifiting from the walls of Flammschrein smells of corruption. Arantir is close to unravelling the mystery of the New Church of the Griffin Empire that welcomes demons and all who bow to the exiled god, Urgash. Asha has guided Arantir here to restore her balance, and stamp out the taint of Chaos. He has vowed to do so, must his quest lead him to the final death.

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