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Freyda's Dilemma (Haven Campaign)

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Civil war splits the Griffin Empire
  1. Rebels
  2. The Suspicion
  3. Duncan
  4. Negotiations
  5. The Choice

Mission One: Rebels

The Griffin Empire is falling apart. Refusing to accept the rule of Queen Isabel, some members of the nobility are openly opposing her. Her recent canonization has hardly helped matters, and they whisper that she has not been the same since her return from Sheogh.. No doubt these rebels will soon be dragged before a court of justice, which will inflict a harsh penalty on those who betray of the throne.

Mission Two: The Suspicion

According to the latest edict from Saint Isabel, the rebellion in the Stag Duchy is nothing but the Demons' latest attempt to punish the Griffin Empire for its victory against them during the war. The rebels are led by demon cultists, and the Imperial troops have been ordered to fight the heretics and apostates without mercy.

Mission Three: Duncan

The rebellious Stag Duchy is living its last days. Heralds are proclaiming the royal armies' triumph in the markets, and minstrels are composing songs about it. There's but one small thing left to be done: capture Duke Duncan and Prince Andrei, the main instigators of the rebellion. A fair inquest will undoubtedly reveal their implication in demonic cults.

Mission Four: Negotiations

The triumphant war against the rebels is almost over. What's needed now is to arrange the extradition of Prince Andrei, who has fled to the lands of the Griffin Empire's northern neighbours. Few doubt that the Dwarves, impressed by the might of the Imperial army, could do anything other than deliver up the last demonist to the Empire's inquisition.

Mission Five: The Choice

The Dwarves, who had always been neutral, have responded to Laszlo's attack by waging war on the Empire. Even worse news is that Freyda, daughter of great Godric and a renowned commander herself, has gone missing. That will make the response of Isabel's armies even harsher, and the Dwarves will have to pay much, much more for each drop of Human blood...

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