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The Mage (Academy Campaign)

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A mage confronts evil
  1. The Defiant Mage
  2. The Liberation
  3. The Triumvirate
  4. The Alliance
  5. Zehir's Hope

Mission One: The Defiant Mage

Zehir, son of Cyrus, Archmage of the League of the Silver Cities, wants to avenge the death of his father by punishing the murderer, Markal. His first step will be capturing Kadashman, a town of the Silver Cities now defiled by the Undead.

Mission Two: The Liberation

Now that the leaders of the Undead are busy warring in the lands of Irollan, Zehir has a chance to liberate the towns of the League. The Wizard will have speed and urgency as his main allies, but this may be not enough to defeat the Necromancers -- they are also well versed in magic.

Mission Three: The Triumvirate

The young Mage now faces a new task: to save the world from the evil that Isabel carries. Zehir will have to force his way through the Griffin Empire and join up with the army of Findan, who has defeated Nicolai.

Mission Four: The Alliance

The war against Isabel and the Undead reaches its final stage. Zehir, Findan and Godric will have to capture her and perform the Rite of True Nature. If all goes well, it will help the Queen to avoid the terrible fate of becoming the mother of the Demon Messiah..

Mission Five: Zehir's Hope

The unexpected outcome of the Rite of True Nature compels Zehir, Findan, Godric and Raelag to follow Biara to Sheogh, where the Sovereign is imprisoned. They hope to make up for their failure and save Isabel.

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