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The Cultist (Inferno Campaign)

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A Demon must decide
  1. The Betrayal
  2. The Promise
  3. The Conquest
  4. The Ship
  5. Agrael's Decision

Mission One: The Betrayal

Agrael, who has failed the task given to him by the Demon Sovereign, is being hunted by the Griffin army under Godric. Death follows him closely, and his future is uncertain at best. The Demon Lord will have to find a way out of his situation.

Mission Two: The Promise

Agrael must overcome Demon Lord Veyer, who has been sent by the Demon Sovereign to seize the Heart of the Griffin.

Mission Three: The Conquest

Agrael must travel a long, hard road to get to Tieru. He will have to cross the lands of the Elves, and they are hardly disposed to allow passage to a Demon Lord. Agrael, however, is not about to let a few angry Elves stop him from reaching his goal...

Mission Four: The Ship

Agrael must seize the Elven seaport of Erewel and in order to set sail for the Dragonmist Islands to find Tieru. Alone against a whole country, without support and cursed by all, Agrael will either triumph... or die.

Mission Five: Agrael's Decision

Agrael's quest is nearing its end, all that remains is to find Tieru somewhere in the magical fog of the Dragonmist Islands.

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