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To Honor our Fathers (To Honor our Fathers)

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  1. Collecting Skulls
  2. One Khan, One Clan
  3. Father Sky's Fury
  4. Mother Earth's Wisdom
  5. Hunting the Hunter

Mission One: Collecting Skulls

" Gotai... I have raised you like my son, in ways of our tribe... wanted tribe to rule all Ashan! But my pride... thought I had blessing of Kunyak... Father Sky, I Quroq, Second Khan of all Orcs, will fight on in Gotai's axe. Avenge me. Kill priest of slavery. Kill Alaric! " So says Quroq on his deathbed. But will a young warrior like Gotai be permitted to lead all the tribes of Ranaar? The Orcs must have a contest - a very special contest - to see who the next Khan will be.

Mision Two: One Khan, One Clan

The contest is won, and Gotai is now the chief of the Orcish army in his right. He is eager to take his rightful place as the head of the Horde, make it to the Griffin Empire as an irrepressible avalanche and invade the Academy. Even the fact that some of the Clans of the Orcs haven't yet heard the news about the new leader's appearance and sworn loyalty to him can not stop Gotai: the delightful moment of revenge is so close! But Gotai has a loyal aide who will call on these chiefs and tell them who is their only leader now…

Mission Three: Father Sky's Fury

Gotai is crossing the borders of his native steppes for the second time in his young life. This time things are different. He is no longer following his Khan, he is leading his people as Father Sky's chosen successor. His actions as the new Khan will be closely judged by his restless horde, and he must act decisively and courageously in order to prove to all that he can avenge Quroq and punish the Griffin Empire for the years of slavery inflicted on the Orcs.

Mission Four: Mother Earth's Wisdom

Having rallied numerous clans to Gotai's horde, Kujin has decided to take the shortest route to her meeting point with the new Khan, a path shown to her in a dream. Her trek will take her through the Mystic Mountains, where wisdom is as valuable an ally as brute force. The presence of demons is a bad omen, and Kujin hopes to counter it by finding the sign sent to her in a vision, the Man of the Web Weaver. She must protect and strengthen her army for her reunion with Gotai, while staying true to her Orc nature, and slaughtering any demons she that might stumble across her path.

Mission Five: Hunting the Hunter

Gotai's heart tells him that the Orcs need more than a courageous and inspirational Khan, they need an identity greater than each individual clan. In order to give them that, he is leading them to the city where they were created, in the heart of the Silver Cities. Gotai dreams of touching the grave of Kunyak, the great liberator; his instincts tell him that this task is more important for his people than any other he could accomplish during the first months of his rule.

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