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Rage of the Tribes (Rage of the Tribes)

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  1. A Murder of Crows

Prologue: A Murder of Crows

Nights grow dark as starry lights of our brothers and sisters disappear, taken as slaves by steel men of Empire who follow lords of Raven. Tribe's tears tell us to act; warriors' hearts tell us to fight. But shaman says: listen to your ancestors.

Map Size: 136x136
Max Hero Level: No limit

Capture Voron Peak
Quroq, who dreams of of glory and hates the "Steel Men", is invading the Raven Duchy. Quroq will have his revenge for their taking of Orc slaves - and the more blood shed, the better. His goal is to take Voron Peak, the capital of duchy. But that is only the beginning of the hunt - for Men.
Free all the Orc slaves
Raiding parties from the Raven Duchy have taken slaves from outlying Orc villages. These angry warriors would be more than happy to break their chains and join Quroq. Their overseers, however, must be dealt with first.
Quroq must survive
Quroq has great dreams to fulfill -- he must live to see them realized.

Secondary Objectives:
Release the imprisoned Orc hero
You have learnt that there is a prison somewhere in the north-west, where an Orc is confined, famous for his strength and exceptional ferocity. Men guard this prisoner vigilantly, so it will not be easy to release him. But if Quroq manages to do so, the rescued Orc will surely be very useful in his further battles.
Bring a Goblin to the Hill Fort
Goblins are weaker than their relatives, the Orcs, but surpass them greatly in cunning and keenness of wit, which enables them to jump clear out of the most bloody battles. That is why there often are real veterans among the Goblins, who can teach valuable combat skills and grips to the Orcs. If Quroq wants his warriors to become even stronger, he should invite such a teacher to his Hill Fort. He can surely find one in the local quarries.
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