Mixed Campaign - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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Ylaya's Quest (Mixed Campaign)

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Turmoil in Ygg-Chall
  1. The Spy
  2. The Break
  3. The Meeting
  4. Dragons
  5. The Decoupling

Mission Five: The Decoupling

Shadow is strongest where there is little light, and luck favours Dark Elf fighters while they war in their vast caverns. But no one can tell what will happen when they stand in battle, on the surface, against the children of Light and Fire. Perhaps new allies will come to the aid of the clans of Ygg-Chall in this battle. Or perhaps they, too, are but pawns in the game that Order and Chaos have played since the day the world was made -- and they will be sacrificed accordingly.

Map Size: 136x136 (with underground)
Max Hero Level: 30

Starting Bonus:
1 Black Dragon

1 Black Dragon

Golden Horseshoe

Golden Horseshoe

Increases luck by +2.

5000 Gold

5000 Gold

Reach Horncrest within a week
The town of Horncrest, the capital of the Stag Duchy, has seen much lately. It has seen numerous masters, the death of the butcher Laszlo, and now serves as the last stronghold of the rebels. Rebels, of course, who oppose their Queen while not even suspecting who she really is. Ylaya and Isabel are headed there, hoping to tell the people of the Empire the truth about their ruler. Ylaya and Isabell must reach Horncrest within a week.
Raise the siege of Horncrest
Horncrest is besieged by the armies of Alaric and Tolghar, so Ylaya and Isabel must come quickly to the help of their future allies.
Seize Tor Hrall in two months
Not more than two months separate the heroes from their next encounter with an Imperial army. This one will be led by Biara herself in the guise of the Queen. If they hope to achieve their lofty goals, the heroes must first seize Tor Hrall where the enemy's army is in waiting.
Ylaya, Isabel, Freyda, Wulfstan and Duncan must survive
The fate of Ashan still hangs in the balance -- Ylaya, Isabel, Freyda, Wulfstan and Duncan must survive.

Secondary Objectives:
Stop the Demons' raids
Success in the war against Alaric and Tolghar is hampered by Demon raids. These clashes weaken the heroes' army, hurting its chances to win. It would be perhaps a good idea to capture the Demons' towns and stop the Inferno invasions.
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