Mixed Campaign - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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Ylaya's Quest (Mixed Campaign)

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Turmoil in Ygg-Chall
  1. The Spy
  2. The Break
  3. The Meeting
  4. Dragons
  5. The Decoupling

Mission One: The Spy

The short reign of Raelag, who combined the Dark Elf Clans into one state, ended with his disappearance. The clans are free again, and everyone hopes to determine their own fate. Some are willing to challenge again the Mother of Shadows and convert to living under another Dragon's patronage, while others will have to take Raelag's way and restore the rule of Malsara.

Map Size: 96x96 (with underground)
Max Hero Level: 12

Starting Bonus:
2 Shadow Witches

2 Shadow Witches

21 Blood Maidens

21 Blood Maidens

Boots of the Swift Journey

Boots of the Swift Journey

Increase hero's movement over land.

Find the site of the Rite
Thralsai has learnt a rite that involves sacrificing numerous creatures to the Demons. The location where the rite will be held is kept secret, but hunting down the future victims can be helpful in finding it.
Ylaya must survive
Ylaya must survive to continue her efforts.

Secondary Objectives:
Visit the Oracle
The rite that was kept in mind by Tralsai is very complicated, and to find those creatures who are to become its victims is very difficult. Maybe the oracle will help to identify them.
Kill creatures marked by Hut of Magi
The Oracle says that the Mages Towers can help in identifying them. But to be sure, none of the Towers must be missed.
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