Flying to the Rescue - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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Flying to the Rescue (Flying to the Rescue)

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  1. Dark Ways and Deeds
  2. Tearing the Veil
  3. Summoning the Dragon
  4. A Flamboyant Exit

Mission Two: Tearing the Veil

Zehir has acquitted himself nobly in Ygg-Chall; Ylaya and her armies will come to his aid in Talonguard. However, Zehir now needs to find out what is going on with the rebels in the Griffin Empire. In the hopes of uniting them and helping their cause he has gone in search of Godric's daughter, Freyda, and Duke Duncan.

Map Size: 136x136 (with underground)
Max Hero Level: No limit

Starting Bonus:
20 Djinn Sultans

20 Djinn Sultans

Tome of Summoning Magic

Tome of Summoning Magic

Allows Summoning Magic spells to be cast without any skill in this school.

40 Crystal

40 Crystal

Find the Tear of Asha
The critical ingredient for the rite is nothing less than a Tear of Asha. Though Zehir can feel its presence, he needs to seek out the obelisks that will lead him to it.
Find the Cleric and the Inquisitor to help with the rite.
To hold the magical rite that will deprive the Demons of their human disguise, Zehir needs help in the form of Clerics, Inquisitors and Zealots. A Zealot has already offered his aid. Thus, the Cleric and the Inquisitor need to be found.
Move Zehir's city to the site of the ritual.
A rite this potent needs all the support it can get. Zehir must move his city to the site where the ritual is to be performed.
Find the site and then perform the ritual.
These lands are swarming with Demons disguised as Men. To unmask them and reveal their true nature, Zehir must do something at which he excels: performing a magical rite.
Defeat the Inferno hero and destroy his town.
All is clear! The rite has exposed certain towns as havens of demonic evil. One of these towns hides a powerful Demonlord who is responsible for the death and destruction in the region. Freyda and Duncan must kill the beast and raze his cursed castle to the ground.
Freyda must survive
Freyda has many things she wants to do, not the least of which is vengeance. She must live.
Duncan must survive
Duncan has great hopes for the empire, and must be around to achieve them. He must survive.
Zehir must obtain a Tear of Asha
Only Zehir has the power to perform this rite. You must give the Tear of Asha to him.
Zehir must survive
It's not over yet - Biara is still in power. Zehir must live to see his mission through.

Secondary Objectives:
Destroy the Inferno town
It's the long-awaited payback time for the loyal armies of the Griffin Empire. Freyda and Duncan must clear out every town that protects Demons; one is located to the north. It would be good to start there so that enemy reinforcements will not be a problem.
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