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The Queen (Haven Campaign)

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A king falls, a queen rises
  1. The Queen
  2. Rebellion
  3. The Siege
  4. The Trap
  5. The Fall of the King

Mission One: The Queen

The invasion of the demons is grim news for the Griffin Empire. King Nicolai has been forced to postpone his wedding, rushing to the front lines to lead his knights into battle. Waiting expectantly in the safety of the Summer Palace at Whitecliff, Lady Isabel receives joyless tidings.

Map Size: 96x96
Max Hero Level: 5

Assemble 100 peasants
King Nicolai wages war against Demons and needs help. Though the regions around the peaceable Summer Palace are not the best place for finding new recruits, Isabel has no choice.
One hundred peasants will serve as a basis for an army which will be able to defeat any foe.
Assemble 25 Footmen
As it is impossible to create a powerful army without professional warriors, you will have to recruit twenty-five footmen in addition to your peasants.
Capture the garrison.
A group of rebellious conscripts and peasants captured a garrison in the south, and they refuses to surrender. Isabel must take back the garrison and suppress the mutiny.
Isabel must survive
Isabel must survive in order to build her army and help defend the Griffin Empire..
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