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The Queen (Haven Campaign)

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A king falls, a queen rises
  1. The Queen
  2. Rebellion
  3. The Siege
  4. The Trap
  5. The Fall of the King

Mission Three: The Siege

As feared, the scouts were but the vanguard of a larger Demon army headed by a Demon Lord. They are pillaging the Empire, leaving ruin in their wake.
Now the time has come for Isabel to pass her first great trial - to fight and defeat an enemy hero and secure the area around the town of Ashwood. She will have to draw on all the skills she has learned in order to succeed.

Map Size: 136x136
Max Hero Level: 18

Starting Bonus:

15 Archers


10 Footmen


10 Ore

Clear the area of enemy scouts
While capturing Ashwood Isabel ecounted a new threat: The vanguards of a Demon force appeared in the very heart of the Empire.
The queen must defeat them before they gain a foothold.
Build Jousting Arena and upgrade it
To make the first task more simple, Isabel should build a Jousting Range in her town. This will attract Paladins, implacable holy warriors, to her cause. These Paladins will prove most effective against the evil of the Demon Lords.
Defeat the enemy army
War has come quickly to Isabel's army, she must defeat the enemy hero and drive the Demons from the vicinity of Ashwood.
Isabel must survive
Isabel must survive in order to reach her goal and continue on.
This information comes from the Heroes V release version (v1.4).

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