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The Cultist (Inferno Campaign)

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A Demon must decide
  1. The Betrayal
  2. The Promise
  3. The Conquest
  4. The Ship
  5. Agrael's Decision

Mission Three: The Conquest

Agrael must travel a long, hard road to get to Tieru. He will have to cross the lands of the Elves, and they are hardly disposed to allow passage to a Demon Lord. Agrael, however, is not about to let a few angry Elves stop him from reaching his goal...

Map Size: 136x136
Max Hero Level: 24

Starting Bonus:

2 Pit Fiends


43 Horned Overseers


4 Nightmares

Cross the border
Attack the border garrison and fight your way past into the Elven lands of Irollan.
Capture all Elves towns
The elves are a proud people, who would rather die than face dishonor. The way across their land will not be a casual stroll, and Agrael must be prepared for the many dangers that he will face on his path.
The first objective is to capture an Elven town where he will be able to reinforce his army.
Defeat Gilraen
A new enemy faces the Demon Lord, an Elven warrior who has sworn to destroy him.
One more, one less... given the odds it makes little difference, but "one less" is still better.
Agrael must survive
Agrael must survive in order to reach his goal and continue on.

Secondary Objectives:
Destroy the source of druid magic
The way through the heart of Irollan could prove deadly if Agrael cannot overcome the druidic magics that assail him.
Only after destroying the druids' power can the Demon Lord hope to achieve his goal.
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