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The Cultist (Inferno Campaign)

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A Demon must decide
  1. The Betrayal
  2. The Promise
  3. The Conquest
  4. The Ship
  5. Agrael's Decision

Mission Two: The Promise

Agrael must overcome Demon Lord Veyer, who has been sent by the Demon Sovereign to seize the Heart of the Griffin.

Map Size: 136x136
Max Hero Level: 18

Starting Bonus:

2000 Gold


8 Succubi

Phantom Forces (18 Mana)

Copies the selected friendly unit (only one copy can be made). The copy can't cast any spell or use any ability and disappears as soon as it receives any damage. (Incorporeal ability gives the copy 50% chance to avoid any damage).

Capture the Heart of the Griffin
Agrael knows well what that means to be an outcast, pursued by former enemies as well as former allies. Now he must move quickly if he wants to survive.
His first goal is to defeat Veyer and capture the Heart of the Griffin, a powerful weapon that can be used against other demons.
Agrael must survive
Agrael must survive in order to reach his goal and continue on.
This information comes from the Heroes V release version (v1.4).

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