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The Cultist (Inferno Campaign)

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A Demon must decide
  1. The Betrayal
  2. The Promise
  3. The Conquest
  4. The Ship
  5. Agrael's Decision

Mission Four: The Ship

Agrael must seize the Elven seaport of Erewel and in order to set sail for the Dragonmist Islands to find Tieru. Alone against a whole country, without support and cursed by all, Agrael will either triumph... or die.

Map Size: 176x176 (with underground)
Max Hero Level: 30

Starting Bonus:

10 Druids


40 Wood


6000 Gold

Capture Erewel
The nearest city in the Elven realm that boasts a shipyard is Erewel.
To consult with Tieru, Agrael must capture this city. There is no other way to reach the Dragonmist Islands.
Agrael must survive
Agrael must survive in order to reach his goal and continue on.

Secondary Objectives:
Capture Ur-Nebyrzias
Every day Agrael's army is losing troops as the Elves desert, unwilling to fight their brethren.
Fortunately, there is a solution to this situation. Demons, his former allies turned enemies, built a fortress accessible from the Elven woods. Those creatures would not dare to betray such a powerful Demon Lord, he will be able to drive them before him into any battle.
Complete the dragon's quest
Dragons! One can never know what to expect from these mysterious creatures. They can be powerful allies... or dreadful foes.
The dragons want Agrael to bring 100 Hunters or Master Hunters to them. If Agrael can manage to complete their quest, the road to Erewel will be cleared.
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