The Will of Asha - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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The Will of Asha (The Will of Asha)

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  1. Last Soul Standing
  2. The Grim Crusade
  3. The Bull's Wake
  4. Beasts and Bones
  5. Heart of Darkness

Mission Three: The Bull's Wake

The extent of Giovanni's network was in adequation with his personal ambition. Dormant cells of Undead had been cleverly hidden within the borders of the Griffin Empire. Arantir sends Ornella to consolidate them under his rule and to enrol them in his fight for the restoration of Asha's equilibrium. Ornella must enter the Bull Duchy and find Giovanni's hideouts. Their exact location was kept a secret even from her.

Map Size: 136x136
Max Hero Level: 20

Starting Bonus:
4 Liches

4 Liches

Skull of Markal

Skull of Markal

Increases hero's Spellpower and knowledge by +5, but decreases Morale by -2.

7000 Gold

7000 Gold

Meet Arantir safely with reinforcements for his legions.
Arantir sends Ornella on a mission to gather the remaining hidden cells of Giovanni's network. Meanwhile, the High Necromancer must tend to final affairs within Heresh in anticipation of his potentially long excursion into the Griffin Empire. After Ornella has accomplished her task, and demonstrated her abilities and loyalty to the chosen of Asha, she will meet him in the East.
Capture the castle harboring Orlando
Your spies have found Orlando's scent. He is certainly hiding in one of the Bull Duchy castles, unafraid of the Death Lord legions hot on his trail. Arantir is appalled by the fact that the Demon-worshipper is even more at home in the Griffin Empire than he was in the Silver Cities. Orlando must be stopped.
Ornella must survive
Ornella must prove her worth to her new master. Final death is not an option.
Arantir must survive
To fulfill Asha's design, Arantir must survive.

Secondary Objectives:
Claim Giovanni's abandoned Necropolis
This town would seem to be an excellent base for Arantir to continue his excursion into the Griffin Empire. Perhaps Giovanni has left some clues behind as to why he had developped such an intricate network.
Recruit the local Undead to your army
Local Vampires confirm Ornella's suspicions that numerous Undead cells await Giovanni's call to service. They would certainly join her, the servant of Arantir, Asha's chosen.
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