The Will of Asha - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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The Will of Asha (The Will of Asha)

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  1. Last Soul Standing
  2. The Grim Crusade
  3. The Bull's Wake
  4. Beasts and Bones
  5. Heart of Darkness

Mission Five: Heart of Darkness

The ghastly smoke drifiting from the walls of Flammschrein smells of corruption. Arantir is close to unravelling the mystery of the New Church of the Griffin Empire that welcomes demons and all who bow to the exiled god, Urgash. Asha has guided Arantir here to restore her balance, and stamp out the taint of Chaos. He has vowed to do so, must his quest lead him to the final death.

Map Size: 176x176
Max Hero Level: No limit

Starting Bonus:
20 Mercury

20 Mercury

Sack of Endless Gold

Sack of Endless Gold

Provides your kingdom with 250 gold every day.

8 Mummies

8 Mummies

Arantir must survive
To continue the pursuit of his quest, Arantir must survive.
Ornella must survive
Ornella has a key-part to play in this final confrontation with Orlando. She must survive.
Remove the magical barrier
The Demons protected their town well. But every stronghold has a weak spot, and Flammschrein is no exception. To dispel the magical barrier Arantir must capture all the other Griffin cities in the region. Near each one there is a sacred site, resembling four magical columns: Arantir must place a powerful Necromancer - but not himself - at the centre of each of these sites. He can then perform a rite to destroy the barrier - a difficult task, but a necessary one.
Capture Flammschrein
Vampire spies have reported back to Arantir that Flammschrein is located somewhere to the North-East and that it is heavily guarded. The High Lord, chosen of Asha, will have to use all of his talent and resources to breach the corrupted city's walls, and put an end to the Demon taint.
Banish Orlando
Orlando has nowhere else to hide. Arantir has chased him to his last stronghold in the Griffin Empire. It is time to restore the balance and send the leader of the Demon Cultist movement back to Sheogh.

Secondary Objectives:
Destroy the portal
The gang of Assassins, having been spared, are good to their word and are off to eliminate the slippery Succubus. But it befalls to Arantir to destroy the portal. For that, he will need to use the altar. A Spell Power of at least 10 is required for this ritual.
Avenge Lord Fulbert's Ghost by slaying his murderers
The ghost of the former Lord of Flammschrein has told Arantir the reason that he refuses to leave the land of the living. He will reward the High Necromancer generously if he will avenge his death.
Slay the Infernal Hero
Elrath has punished a group of Paladins for bowing to Urgash. Their souls are now held captive by a Demon Hero. If Arantir can destroy this guardian, the Paladins would be eager to redeem their errors by accepting an Undead life as Death Knights, serving Asha under her chosen's command.
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