Haven Campaign - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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Freyda's Dilemma (Haven Campaign)

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Civil war splits the Griffin Empire
  1. Rebels
  2. The Suspicion
  3. Duncan
  4. Negotiations
  5. The Choice

Mission Five: The Choice

The Dwarves, who had always been neutral, have responded to Laszlo's attack by waging war on the Empire. Even worse news is that Freyda, daughter of great Godric and a renowned commander herself, has gone missing. That will make the response of Isabel's armies even harsher, and the Dwarves will have to pay much, much more for each drop of Human blood...

Map Size: 176x176 (with underground)
Max Hero Level: 29

Starting Bonus:
Sack of Endless Gold

Sack of Endless Gold

Provides your kingdom with 250 gold every day.

2 Paladins

2 Paladins

8000 Gold

8000 Gold

Liberate Duncan
The rebels do not like Freyda, who they remember as their enemy. But there is a man who trusts her and could help her win their confidence. That man is Duncan, now confined in a prison and waiting to be taken to Talonguard. Freyda has to liberate him -- the sooner the better. The way to Duncan's prison leads through the rebels' lands, and they will surely attack her small force. The best way would be to seize one of the towns, hire reinforcements, and set Duncan free before the rebels can join their forces to rout Freyda.
Seize the port town and set sail for Talonguard
Duncan leads the rebels again, and Freyda can count on his aid in delivering Godric. They need to seize a port town, from which Freyda can travel quickly back to the heart of the Empire. She should not delay her departure, for the scouts report that a landing party will soon be arriving to help Alaric's forces. Freyda and Duncan must prepare for battle.
Freyda must survive
Reaching her goals, Freyda must survive to continue the pursuit she has begun.
Duncan must survive
Reaching his goals, Duncan must survive to continue the pursuit he has begun.
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