Haven Campaign - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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Freyda's Dilemma (Haven Campaign)

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Civil war splits the Griffin Empire
  1. Rebels
  2. The Suspicion
  3. Duncan
  4. Negotiations
  5. The Choice

Mission Two: The Suspicion

According to the latest edict from Saint Isabel, the rebellion in the Stag Duchy is nothing but the Demons' latest attempt to punish the Griffin Empire for its victory against them during the war. The rebels are led by demon cultists, and the Imperial troops have been ordered to fight the heretics and apostates without mercy.

Map Size: 96x96
Max Hero Level: 16

Starting Bonus:
Armor of Valor

Armor of Valor

Increasing hero's Defence and Morale by +1

Blindness <em>(10 Mana)</em>

Blindness (10 Mana)

Blinds the selected enemy creature so that it cannot move, attack or use any abilities. Blindness disappears if blinded creature is attacked. Spellpower determines the duration of effect. (The spell does not work on undead, elemental and mechanical units.)

10000 Gold

10000 Gold

Freyda and Laszlo must survive
Reaching their goals, Freyda and Laszlo must survive to continue the pursuit they have begun.
Eliminate the rebel towns
To cleanse the Empire from demonic cults once and for all, we need to teach the apostates an unforgettable lesson. The towns that have sided with the rebels will be to wiped off the face of Ashan!
Destroy all peasant huts
Peasant estates that show signs of a demonic presence have to be burnt to the ground: this is how you will stop the cult from spreading. This sacrifice is necessary to ensure the future of the Empire.

Secondary Objectives:
Save the innocent peasants
Not every dweller of the cursed villages worships demons, but to acheive great goals innocents must occasionally suffer. Laszlo believes that eliminating all who can possibly be concerned with the cult is the only practical method. Freyda disagrees, and is willing to spend time saving the innocent. Perhaps these people, who will owe their lives to the young commander, may some day repay their debt.
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