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Freyda's Dilemma (Haven Campaign)

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Civil war splits the Griffin Empire
  1. Rebels
  2. The Suspicion
  3. Duncan
  4. Negotiations
  5. The Choice

Mission Four: Negotiations

The triumphant war against the rebels is almost over. What's needed now is to arrange the extradition of Prince Andrei, who has fled to the lands of the Griffin Empire's northern neighbours. Few doubt that the Dwarves, impressed by the might of the Imperial army, could do anything other than deliver up the last demonist to the Empire's inquisition.

Map Size: 136x136 (with underground)
Max Hero Level: 27

Starting Bonus:
Magic Guild level one

Magic Guild level one

Allows a visiting hero to learn the spells kept within. Keeps 3 spells of the first circle.

20 Crystal

20 Crystal

2 Champions

2 Champions

Talk with dwarven garrison
Freyda should talk with dwarves, which are guarding border of their lands
Carry out the Dwarves' demands
The Dwarves' demands to the army that is going to cross the border of the Dwarven Kingdom are simple: 1) Bring 15000 pieces of gold, 15 boxes of crystals, 15 bags of sulfur and 10 gems 2) Only the following number of troops are allowed to cross: 100 Conscript 80 Marksmen 50 Squire 30 Imperial Griffins 15 Inquisitors 5 Paladins 3) Not a single warrior from the Empire's new type of troops is allowed to cross the border of the Dwarven Kingdom.
Reach Tor Hrall
The frontier is behind, and Freyda's way leads to Tor Hrall. This is the Dwarves' only town open to foreigners, and most likely where Prince Andrei is hiding. Freyda will have to negotiate with the Dwarven Warlord Wulfstan, known for his cantankerous disposition.
Get away from the Dwarves' territory
The negotiations have failed! That killer, Laszlo, broke the age-old treaty and trespassed on the frontier of the Dwarven Kingdom. It's too late to try to explain anything. Every Dwarf sees Freyda as an enemy, and her task is simple: break away from their lands – and stay alive.
Freyda must survive
Outnumbered and desperate, Freyda must still survive to work out the Empire's problems.
Collect resources, enough for Keymaster's requirements.
Bring 5 gems, 10 crystals and 5000 pieces of gold to the keymaster.
Kill wolves
Defeat all the wolves in my woods and I'll let you through. You can find them northwest of here, just below the Dwarven treasury.

Secondary Objectives:
Find dwarven mithral greaves
Find dwarven Greaves of the Dwarven Kings, which was captured by dwarf, straight to north from here there will be Dwarven treasury. If you will do it for me, ill show to you some useful places.
Take care about Hydra
We were digging in that mine and weve found fast way to eastern mountains but that creature almost eated us, ive escaped but my cousin... poor Karla... Save him and he will give to you key which will open door to the mine
Eliminate rebels
Clean all territory of rebel troops and capture their town
Find dwarven mithral helm and greaves
There are two holes with forms like the Helm of the Dwarven Kings and Greaves of the Dwarven Kings. It seems that door will open when the items are placed in the holes.
Collect resources, enough for Keymaster's requirements.
Bring 5 gems, 10 crystals and 5000 pieces of gold to the keymaster.
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