Haven Campaign - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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Freyda's Dilemma (Haven Campaign)

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Civil war splits the Griffin Empire
  1. Rebels
  2. The Suspicion
  3. Duncan
  4. Negotiations
  5. The Choice

Mission Three: Duncan

The rebellious Stag Duchy is living its last days. Heralds are proclaiming the royal armies' triumph in the markets, and minstrels are composing songs about it. There's but one small thing left to be done: capture Duke Duncan and Prince Andrei, the main instigators of the rebellion. A fair inquest will undoubtedly reveal their implication in demonic cults.

Map Size: 96x96 (with underground)
Max Hero Level: 21

Starting Bonus:
Four Leaf Clover

Four Leaf Clover

Increases luck by +1.

Necklace of the Lion

Necklace of the Lion

Increases morale by +1.

15 Vindicators

15 Vindicators

Seize all the towns of the rebellious Stag Duchy
The war against the rebels enters its final stage. Seizing the Stag Duchy will put an end to the civil conflict, and probably earn the Queen's blessing for doing so. What can be done to bring all the towns of the Stag Duchy under your control? Without the protection of their walls, the rebels will lay down arms.
Take Duncan prisoner
The rebellion is led by two men: Duke Duncan and Prince Andrei. The latter is only the symbol of the treachery; Duncan is its organising power. He is an experienced commander able to put up determined resistance. He is to be taken alive and sent to the capital, where his judgement -- and punishment -- are already being prepared.
Freyda must survive
Achieving her goals, Freyda must survive to continue fighting for the Empire.
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