Dirael (Level 15)Dirael
Hovering wasps, circling hornets, busy honeybees -- from childhood Dirael found these tiny flying creatures beautiful and fascinating, like precious buzzing jewels. She was so enamored that she became a Druid, to better delve into their lore and understand their mysteries. Eventually she responded to the call of the Harmony and went to war, and now she serves Sylanna by summoning hordes of her favorite creatures to sting and harass the enemy.
» Specialty» Attributes
Swarm Queen
Swarm Queen
Wasp Swarm spell is more effective depending on hero level.
  • 3
  • 8
  • 8
  • 6
  • 0
  • 3
  • 60
» Skills
Rain of Arrows

Rain of Arrows

Grants Ranger an ability to attack all enemy creatures which are present in his favorite enemy list at once.

Imbue Arrow

Imbue Arrow

Allows Ranger to enhance his or her arrows with attacking or cursing spells. Ranger's attacks (including special attack "Rain of Arrows") will now not only inflict damage upon enemy creatures but also will immediately cast an imbued spell, draining Ranger's mana. Imbue Arrow lasts till the end of the fight or until all Ranger's mana is drained.

Advanced Avenger

Advanced Avenger

Unique Ranger's skill. Allows Ranger to choose 2 favored enemies from the Avenger's Guild in any Sylvan town (selecting an initial creature will cover it's upgrades as well). All Ranger's troops will receive a 40% chance to inflict a critical hit upon that creature, giving double damage to it. Before choosing a creature as a favored enemy, the Ranger must kill two whole populations of those creatures.

Advanced Avenger
Expert Summoning Magic

Expert Summoning Magic

Allows hero to learn Summoning Magic spells of the fifth circle and gives maximum power to Summoning Magic.

Expert Summoning Magic
Warlock's Luck

Warlock's Luck

Luck rolls will now be applied to destructive spells cast by the hero, thus allowing a chance for double damage from spells.

Soldier's Luck

Soldier's Luck

Guarantees that useful combat abilities of creatures in hero's army (like Squires' Bash, for example) will trigger more often.

Advanced Luck

Advanced Luck

Increases luck of all creatures in hero's army by 2.

Advanced Luck
Arcane Brillance

Arcane Brillance

Adds +2 to hero's Spellpower permanently. Hero also receives a new spell in his or her spell book.

Magic Insight

Magic Insight

Allows a hero to learn magic spells of the third circle regardless of actual skills in the respective schools of magic.

Advanced Sorcery

Advanced Sorcery

Speeds up hero's casting in combat. Interval between two consecutive spell casts is reduced by 20%.

Advanced Sorcery
Advanced Destructive Magic

Advanced Destructive Magic

Allows hero to learn Destructive Magic spells of the fourth circle and makes Destructive Magic even more effective.

Advanced Destructive Magic
» Creatures

230 Sprites

20 Wind Dancers

40 Arcane Archers

14 Druid Elders

20 Silver Unicorns

22 High Druids

5 Emerald Dragons

» Artefacts
Breastplate of Eldritch Might

Breastplate of Eldritch Might

Adds +2 to hero's Spellpower.

Dragon Teeth Necklace

Dragon Teeth Necklace

Adds +3 to hero's Spellpower and increases initiative of all casters in hero's army by 10%

Phoenix Feather Cape

Phoenix Feather Cape

Enhances your fire-based spells by 50%.

Tarot Deck

Tarot Deck

Increases hero's Luck and Knowledge by +1.

» Spells

Slow 4

Makes target enemy stack take fewer actions in combat.


Vulnerability 5

Destroys armor of target enemy stack, reducing its defense. Can be cast several times on a single stack, but defense will not go lower than zero.

Stone spikes

Stone spikes 5

Deals earth damage to all creatures in target area (cross form)

Eldritch Arrow

Eldritch Arrow 4

Shoots magic missile to deal non-physical damage to the selected enemy creature.

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt 5

Deals lightning damage to selected enemy unit.

Ice Bolt

Ice Bolt 6

Deals ice damage to selected enemy unit.


Firewall 16

Creates a wall of fire in the selected area on battlefield. Deals fire damage to all creatures in this area during several turns.


Fireball 10

Deals fire damage to all units in the target area.

Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower 19

Deals massive earth damage to all creatures in target area.

Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning 16

Deals massive lightning damage to several adjacent creatures (up to 4), starting with the selected one. Every next creature in the chain gets the half of the damage inflicted to the previous one. (The chain can hit the own creatures)

Divine Strength

Divine Strength 4

Causes the selected friendly unit to inflict more damage in combat. Spellpower determines the duration of effect.


Haste 4

Causes the selected friendly unit to act more frequently in combat.


Cleansing 10

Dispels positive magic effects from enemy creatures and negative magic effects from friendly creatures. Checks against caster level to dispel effects, so low level caster would be unlikely to dispel magic cast by high level mage.


Endurance 6

Increases the selected friendly unit's defense strength. Spellpower determines the duration of effect.

Fist of Wrath

Fist of Wrath 5

Summons magical fist to deal non-elemental physical damage to target enemy creature. This spell ignores magic resistance and protection from magic.

Fire Trap

Fire Trap 8

Puts randomly several magical explosive mines in a selected area of the battlefield. Mines are invisible to the enemy.

Arcane Crystal

Arcane Crystal 8

Creates a crystal on the selected place on the field, blocking the way until the end of combat or until the crystal is attacked and destroyed.

Wasp Swarm

Wasp Swarm 5

Summons a swarm of insects to inflict magical damage on the selected enemy creature. (The spell does not work on undead, elemental and mechanical units.)

Blade Barrier

Blade Barrier 12

Temporarily creates a wall, three squares long, on the selected part of the field. The wall has additional 75% Defense only suffers 25% damage from the Range and Magical Attacks and returns physical damage equal to the number of lost Hit Points to the melee attackers.

Phantom Forces

Phantom Forces 18

Copies the selected friendly unit (only one copy can be made). The copy can't cast any spell or use any ability and disappears as soon as it receives any damage. (Incorporeal ability gives the copy 50% chance to avoid any damage).

Summon Elementals

Summon Elementals 17

Summons fire, earth, water or air elementals (depending on the battlefield terrain) to fight for the hero's cause.

Arcane Armor

Arcane Armor 20

Encloses target stack with magical energy shield that partly drains all damage dealt to the stack.

Conjure Phoenix

Conjure Phoenix 35

Summons a phoenix on the battle field to fight on the hero's side. Only one phoenix can be summoned at a time

» War Machines


First Aid Tent

First Aid Tent

Dirael starts with a Ballista and a First Aid Tent.
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