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The Mage (Academy Campaign)

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A mage confronts evil
  1. The Defiant Mage
  2. The Liberation
  3. The Triumvirate
  4. The Alliance
  5. Zehir's Hope

Mission Two: The Liberation

Now that the leaders of the Undead are busy warring in the lands of Irollan, Zehir has a chance to liberate the towns of the League. The Wizard will have speed and urgency as his main allies, but this may be not enough to defeat the Necromancers -- they are also well versed in magic.

Map Size: 176x176
Max Hero Level: 20

Starting Bonus:

Cleansing (10 Mana)

Dispels positive magic effects from enemy creatures and negative effects from friendly creatures. Checks agains caster level to dispel effects, so low level caster would be unlikely to dispel magic cast by high level mage.


5 Iron Golems

Breastplate of Eldritch Might

Adds +2 to hero's Spellpower.

Recapture all of the Silver Cities
The three main Silver Cities were captured by the undead. Ulamburiash and Yafiah were cursed and transformed into terrible Necropolises, where evil necromancers are recruiting new armies. Only great Al Safir was able to resist Markal's curse.
Zehir must liberate all three cities and return independence to his country.
Build Magic Guild 5 in Al Safir
The fight against Markal is at hand. Zehir must prepare himself, and ensure that the murderer of his father receives the justice he deserves.
Capture Lorekeep
Now, with all of the Silver Cities liberated and all the secrets of their arcane lore known to Zehir, the time has come to strike at Lorekeep, the seat of Markal's power.
Zehir must survive
Zehir must survive in order to reach his goal and continue on.
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