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The Mage (Academy Campaign)

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A mage confronts evil
  1. The Defiant Mage
  2. The Liberation
  3. The Triumvirate
  4. The Alliance
  5. Zehir's Hope

Mission Five: Zehir's Hope

The unexpected outcome of the Rite of True Nature compels Zehir, Findan, Godric and Raelag to follow Biara to Sheogh, where the Sovereign is imprisoned. They hope to make up for their failure and save Isabel.

Map Size: 136x136

Starting Bonus:

Earthquake (7 Mana)

Earthquake damages town walls during a siege.


6 Titans

Dragon Scale Armor

Adds +3 to hero's attack and increases initiative of all large creatures in hero's army by 5%

Save Isabel
Isabel was captured by the Demon Sovereign, and he will do everything to fulfill his chosen destiny.
The heroes have little time to correct their mistakes and save the Griffin queen -- and the world.
Capture Biara
The way to Demon Sovereign's Palace is blocked by Ur-Hekal, the demon capital sheltering Biara. All the heroes have their own reasons to confront her, but the overriding one is that Biara knows where to find Isabel.
Capture Biara and find the way to Isabel and the Demon Sovereign.
Confront the Demon Sovereign
Now, when all the questions have been answered and the deceptions exposed, Biara has once more committed treachery. But this time, it is to show the heroes a path to the Palace.
They go to where the Demon Sovereign awaits, a meeting that is the end of all their journeys.
Heroes must survive
Zehir, Godric, Findan and Raelag must survive in order to reach their goal and continue on.
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