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The Mage (Academy Campaign)

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A mage confronts evil
  1. The Defiant Mage
  2. The Liberation
  3. The Triumvirate
  4. The Alliance
  5. Zehir's Hope

Mission Three: The Triumvirate

The young Mage now faces a new task: to save the world from the evil that Isabel carries. Zehir will have to force his way through the Griffin Empire and join up with the army of Findan, who has defeated Nicolai.

Map Size: 176x176 (with underground)
Max Hero Level: 25

Starting Bonus:

Endurance (6 Mana)

Increases the selected friendly unit's defense strength. Spellpower determines the duration of effect.


4 Rakshasa Ranis

Trident of the Titans

Enhances your lightning-based spells by 50%.

Meet Findan
Zehir has crossed the border of the Griffin Empire. The young mage will have to cross hostile lands to meet Findan, who has already begun his attack on the Empire.
Together they hope to fulfill Tieru's last wish.
Free Godric
Somewhere here there is a prison where the valiant knight Godric is being held.
Zehir decides to free him as this famous knight could help him to gain allies, helping him cross the Griffin Empire more easily.
Capture all Empire cities
Zehir understands Godric's wish to liberate the Griffin Empire from the Necromancer's control. He is willing to help the knight, especially because these towns will be of great help in the upcoming war.
Defeat Markal
Markal found shelter in the town of Bel-zeri, which is blocking the road to Griffin Empire's capital city of Talonguard.
Defeating Markal is more than just a strategic goal, as all of the heroes have their own reasons to bring him down. Victory, however, is not going to come easily.
Zehir must survive
Zehir must survive in order to reach his goal and continue on.
Findan must survive
Findan must survive in order to reach his goal and continue on.
Godric must survive
Godric must survive in order to reach his goal and continue on.
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