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The Mage (Academy Campaign)

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A mage confronts evil
  1. The Defiant Mage
  2. The Liberation
  3. The Triumvirate
  4. The Alliance
  5. Zehir's Hope

Mission One: The Defiant Mage

Zehir, son of Cyrus, Archmage of the League of the Silver Cities, wants to avenge the death of his father by punishing the murderer, Markal. His first step will be capturing Kadashman, a town of the Silver Cities now defiled by the Undead.

Map Size: 96x96
Max Hero Level: 10

Starting Bonus:

Fire Trap (8 Mana)

Puts randomly several magical explosive mines in a selected area of the battlefield. Mines are invisible to the enemy.


5 Djinns

Sword of Might

Adds +2 to hero's attack.

Recapture Kadashman
The once proud and beatiful city of Sihaam was cursed by Markal and became Kadashman -- a Necropolis, where eternal night reigns.
But fate smiles upon the young mage, the Undead armies are busy elsewhere and the city is not heavily guarded. Capturing Kadashman will be the first step in a campaign to liberate the Silver Cities.
Zehir must survive
Zehir must survive in order to reach his goal and continue on.
Achieve level 10
Zehir's goal is ambitious, and he has much to do to reach it. To liberate his homeland, Zehir must become great even among the greatest of the wizards.
But war is an effective if brutal teacher, and Zehir can quickly become powerful as long as he keeps learning.
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