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The Warlock (Dungeon Campaign)

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A hero is forged
  1. The Clanlord
  2. The Expansion
  3. The Cultists
  4. The March
  5. Raelag's Offer

Mission Two: The Expansion

Raelag, who now leads Clan Shadowbrand, hopes to weld all the uncoordinated Dark Elf Clans into a single, mighty state. Powerful and wily, Raelag needs to be well prepared for this enormous task.

Map Size: 176x176 (with underground)
Max Hero Level: 18

Starting Bonus:

2000 Gold


15 Wood


10 Minotaur Guards

Visit a Daughter of Malassa
No one had any doubts about the fate of the Clan, which had been doomed to extinction. Yet strong neighbours do not want to accept another Clanlord, even a tournament winner.
Raelag needs advice and a secretive, powerful Daughter of Malassa is the best place to get it.
Build the Mother of Darkness in Virbeth
The citizens of the city where the Tear of Asha is taken will build a legendary structure called the Mother of Darkness. This edifice will bring increase the city's might and magic, making it unusually powerful and prosperous.
The goal is clear - Raelag must build the Mother of Darkness in Virbeth, his new capitol.
Capture the cities of clan Nightshard
Clan Nightshard always wanted to take the Shadowbrand lands, and Raelag's attack upon one of their cities has loosened their inhibitions.
Raelag must act quickly to capture all of the Nightshard cities in this area, outstripping his enemies and preparing for his trials ahead.
Destroy the Nightshard army
The moment of truth always appeares when you least expect it. Clan Nightshard have sent a powerful army, hoping to deal with the Shadowbrand upstarts once and for all.
It is up to Raelag to defeat Nightshard army, otherwise the certain death awaits him.
Shadya must survive
Shadya must survive in order to help Raelag reach his goal and continue on.
Raelag must survive
Raelag must survive in order to reach his goal and continue on.

Secondary Objectives:
Stop enemy messengers
As Nightshard lost its first city, the panic began to spread (a good sign). But there is a bad side to this situation, Nightshard will now surely try to ally itself with the powerful Soulscar Clan .
A war with the Soulscar could upset Realag's plans, and he must stop all messengers who could escape to reach their territory. Luckily it is known that messengers will follow Nothern and Western roads that lay not far from entrance from dungeon.
Destroy Soulscar army
The moment of truth always appears when you least expect it. The Soulscar clan has sent a powerful army which should deal with the upstart once and for all.
It is now up to Raelag to try and defeat the Soulscar army, otherwise certain death awaits him.
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