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The Warlock (Dungeon Campaign)

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A hero is forged
  1. The Clanlord
  2. The Expansion
  3. The Cultists
  4. The March
  5. Raelag's Offer

Mission Four: The March

Raelag wants to interfere with the Demon Sovereign's plans for Isabel, but he is short of time. The quickest way lies through an underground labyrinth, and Raelag is going to risk it.

Map Size: 136x136 (with underground)
Max Hero Level: 28

Starting Bonus:

Ring of Lightning Protection

Grants a 50% protection from lightning-based spells.


8 Minotaurs


14 Assassins

Escape the maze within two months
If Raelag is going to stop Demon Sovereign from capturing Isabel, he must hurry. Veyer's army will soon leave Sheogh and march towards the Griffin Empire, setting a trap for the queen.
The exit from the maze must be found within two months.
Capture Grawl
The accursed Demon Sovereign has forseen everything. The Demon Lord Grawl has stolen the key to the Gates from the labyrinth. Raelag is running out of time to find him and retrieve the key.
Raelag and Shadya must survive
Raelag and Shadya must survive in order to reach their goal and continue on.
This information comes from the Heroes V release version (v1.4).

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