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The Warlock (Dungeon Campaign)

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A hero is forged
  1. The Clanlord
  2. The Expansion
  3. The Cultists
  4. The March
  5. Raelag's Offer

Mission Five: Raelag's Offer

The shortcut through the Labyrinth has brought Raelag to the Demon's lands, the wasteland of Sheogh is all that lies between him and Veyer's ambush. Here Raelag will have only himself to depend on.

Map Size: 136x136 (with underground)

Starting Bonus:

Boots of the Open Road

Allows hero to traverse rough terrain without any penalties.


35 Dark Raiders

Golden Horseshoe

Increases luck by +2.

Reach to the borders of the Empire
The time has come for the final fight against Veyer.
The burning lands of the Demon Lords of Sheogh now lie between Raelag and Isabel, and the Warlock can expect no help in this accursed place. Raelag and Shadya must reach the borders of the Empire
Raelag and Shadya must survive
Raelag and Shadya must survive in order to reach their goal and continue on.
Rout Veyer's army
Raelag arrived just in time - Veyer's and Isabel's armies are preparing for the battle and there is a chance to frustrate the Sovereign's plan. Attack the demons first and save Isabel!
Isabel must survive
Isabel must survive
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