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The Warlock (Dungeon Campaign)

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A hero is forged
  1. The Clanlord
  2. The Expansion
  3. The Cultists
  4. The March
  5. Raelag's Offer

Mission Three: The Cultists

Now that he's ready, Raelag is going to clash with Clan Soulscar - the mightiest of the clans of Ygg-Chall. If he defeats them, he'll see zero resistance from other, smaller Clans. But there is one complication: Rumour states that the Soulscar are in military alliance with the Demon Lords.

Map Size: 176x176 (with underground)
Max Hero Level: 26

Starting Bonus:

14 Assassins


4 Dark Raiders


1 Shadow Witch

Capture Soulscar cities
Cities are the source of power for all clans. They serve for recruiting armies and provide the economic base for a clan. Capture their cities, and the clan will cease to exist.
This is Raelag's new goal.
Raelag and Shadya must survive
Raelag and Shadya must survive in order to reach their goal and continue on.

Secondary Objectives:
Crush the Demons
This is what Raelag was fearing - the Demons, Soulscar allies of old, now hurry to their aid.
Raelag must destroy their armies, which threaten his conquest of the Soulscar .
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