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The Ranger (Sylvan Campaign)

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Defending honor and country
  1. The Refugees
  2. The Emerald Ones
  3. The Defense
  4. The Archipelago
  5. The Vampire Lord

Mission One: The Refugees

War is inevitable. Small clashes happen every day in the borderland between the once allied nations of Irollan and the Griffin Empire. Elven King Alaron, whose domain has been destabilized by Agrael's raid and the fighting in the Silver Cities, wants to defer the beginning of the war at all costs.

Map Size: 136x136
Max Hero Level: 12

Starting Bonus:

2 Druid Elders


4 Master Hunters


10 Crystal

Hold the borders
Findan has long served his people, most recently as a guard at the borders of Irollan.
War now looms between elves and humans, but the order to attack will not come...
Findan's task is defensive -- to hold the borders of his beloved land. No less then 4 garrisons must stay under elven control.
Do not cross the Empire border
Irollan suffered heavy losses in the war with Agrael and the defeat of their army by Isabel. More time is needed to prepare for another war.
With Irollan unready, Findan must be careful not to cross the border and risk all-out war with the Griffin Empire.
Findan must survive
Findan must survive in order to reach his goal and continue on.
Destroy the Demon army
Unexpectedly, a demon army has appeared at the borders of Irollan. Findan must stop them at all costs and prevent another demon invasion.

Secondary Objectives:
Recapture the frontier post.
The enemy has managed to seize one of the frontier posts, crippling the border line of Irollan. Findan will have to regain control over this strategically important location
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