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The Ranger (Sylvan Campaign)

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Defending honor and country
  1. The Refugees
  2. The Emerald Ones
  3. The Defense
  4. The Archipelago
  5. The Vampire Lord

Mission Two: The Emerald Ones

Findan must find Dragons in the region of the Blazing Sands -- now occupied by the Demons -- and enlist their support in the war against the Undead. Without their aid, Irollan is doomed to failure.

Map Size: 136x136 (with underground)
Max Hero Level: 18

Starting Bonus:

Wasp Swarm (5 Mana)

Summons a swarm of insects to inflict damage on the selected enemy creature. (The spell does not work on undead, elemental and mechanical units).


10 Sprites


2 Hunters

Assemble 20 Emerald Dragons
War is threatening, and the lands of Irollan will soon be invaded by the armies of the Necromancers -- even now they are massing near the borders. Findan hopes to enlist the aid of the Emerald Dragons, who disappeared from Irollan after the War of the Grey Alliance.
But the task will not be easy as the Blazing Sands, the ancient home of the dragons, is under Demon control. Find Emerald dragons and assemble twenty of them in one army.
Capture all Demon towns
The Dragons are willing to forget past disagreements if Findan helps them to clear the Blazing Sands of the demon blight.
Findan must survive
Findan must survive in order to reach his goal and continue on.
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