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The Ranger (Sylvan Campaign)

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Defending honor and country
  1. The Refugees
  2. The Emerald Ones
  3. The Defense
  4. The Archipelago
  5. The Vampire Lord

Mission Five: The Vampire Lord

While Findan was absent, the Elves succeeded in lifting the siege of Syris Thalla and liberating much of the Elven kingdom. But victory is not at hand yet, from southwest, Irollan is threatened by the Vampire Lord Nicolai. Findan will have to defeat this mighty foe.

Map Size: 176x176 (with underground)
Max Hero Level: 40

Starting Bonus:

1 Green Dragon


7500 Gold

City Hall

An upgrade of the Town Hall.
The City Hall allows you to purchase town structures and earns your kingdom 2000 gold per day.

Destroy Nicolai the Vampire Lord
Findan's main goal is to fulfill Tieru's will, and save the world from the danger that Isabel potentially carries. However, Nicolai and his army are standing in his way, threatening Irollan.
Findan must forever banish Nicolai from the lands of the living.
Findan must survive
Findan must survive in order to reach his goal and continue on.

Secondary Objectives:
Find ancient dwarven artifacts
Night Everlasting envelops the lands controlled by the Undead, allowing Nicolai to rise again and again. The Seer says that this problem can be solved if Phoenix are present in the army. He has some and can give them to Findan if the latter fulfils his condition and finds the ancient Dwarven artifacts: Dwarven Mithral Cuirass, Dwarven Mithral Greaves, Dwarven Mithral Shield and Dwarven Mithral Helmet - The Seer believes that only the hero who can manage to collect all these artifacts deserves possession of such majestic creatures as Phoenix.
Show artifacts to the Seer
Now that all four dwarven artifacts have been found, it is time to visit the Seer again and add Phoenix in your army, to beat Nicolai
This information comes from the Heroes V release version (v1.4).

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