To Honor our Fathers - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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To Honor our Fathers (To Honor our Fathers)

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  1. Collecting Skulls
  2. One Khan, One Clan
  3. Father Sky's Fury
  4. Mother Earth's Wisdom
  5. Hunting the Hunter

Mission Three: Father Sky's Fury

Gotai is crossing the borders of his native steppes for the second time in his young life. This time things are different. He is no longer following his Khan, he is leading his people as Father Sky's chosen successor. His actions as the new Khan will be closely judged by his restless horde, and he must act decisively and courageously in order to prove to all that he can avenge Quroq and punish the Griffin Empire for the years of slavery inflicted on the Orcs.

Map Size: 176x176 (with underground)
Max Hero Level: 22

Starting Bonus:
1 Cyclops

1 Cyclops

6000 Gold

6000 Gold

Dwarven Smithy Hammer

Dwarven Smithy Hammer

Increases hero's Attack by +3 and gives additional +25% Defense from fire-based spells.

Kill all enemies
Glorious victories inspire and make one forget caution - this is a mistake of many. But for some it becomes fatal. This includes Men: they're still thinking that the Orcs are brought on their knees, and nothing endangers the Empire. Gotai thinks different - and he is eager to show the Men the depth of their error.
Gotai must survive
Reaching his goals, Gotai must survive.

Secondary Objectives:
Burn all villages
Gotai wants to teach the Steel Men a lesson and wreak such havoc that their desire for slaves will be quenched by the fear of reprisal. He decides to burn and destroy the lands he crosses, leaving a scar in the memory of the Griffin Empire for generations to come.
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