To Honor our Fathers - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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To Honor our Fathers (To Honor our Fathers)

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  1. Collecting Skulls
  2. One Khan, One Clan
  3. Father Sky's Fury
  4. Mother Earth's Wisdom
  5. Hunting the Hunter

Mission One: Collecting Skulls

" Gotai... I have raised you like my son, in ways of our tribe... wanted tribe to rule all Ashan! But my pride... thought I had blessing of Kunyak... Father Sky, I Quroq, Second Khan of all Orcs, will fight on in Gotai's axe. Avenge me. Kill priest of slavery. Kill Alaric! " So says Quroq on his deathbed. But will a young warrior like Gotai be permitted to lead all the tribes of Ranaar? The Orcs must have a contest - a very special contest - to see who the next Khan will be.

Map Size: 96x96
Max Hero Level: No limit

Starting Bonus:
Golden Horseshoe

Golden Horseshoe

Increases luck by +2.

25 Centaurs

25 Centaurs

15 Warriors

15 Warriors

Collect 1,000 heads faster than anyone else
It is a fair contest, and a bloody one - perfect for the Orcs. Gotai must pillage the lands of the Griffin Knights, taking 1000 heads of his enemies. Should he be the first to do this he will be named Khan of the Orcs -- and the skulls will make a suitable decoration for the yurts of his tribe.
Gotai must survive
Gotai hopes to lead the Orcs, avenge Quroq, and unite the tribes. Dead, this will be difficult...

Secondary Objectives:
Keep as many Orc warriors alive as possible
If Gotai can keep at least half of his Orc warriors alive, they will follow him to his next mission.
Kill the Liches
Kujin has heard from the Goblins of "stinky ghosty creatures" infesting the lands and causing trouble. Gotai should handle them in an efficient, Orcish way…
Bribe the Goblins
Kujin has met some Goblin scouts who have no love for Gotai's rival - they are willing to help, for a price. If Gotai can find the Goblins and give them gold, they will steal heads from his rival.
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