To Honor our Fathers - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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To Honor our Fathers (To Honor our Fathers)

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  1. Collecting Skulls
  2. One Khan, One Clan
  3. Father Sky's Fury
  4. Mother Earth's Wisdom
  5. Hunting the Hunter

Mission Five: Hunting the Hunter

Gotai's heart tells him that the Orcs need more than a courageous and inspirational Khan, they need an identity greater than each individual clan. In order to give them that, he is leading them to the city where they were created, in the heart of the Silver Cities. Gotai dreams of touching the grave of Kunyak, the great liberator; his instincts tell him that this task is more important for his people than any other he could accomplish during the first months of his rule.

Map Size: 176x176
Max Hero Level: No limit

Starting Bonus:
2 Cyclops

2 Cyclops

8 Wyverns

8 Wyverns

Axe of the Mountain Lords

Axe of the Mountain Lords

Adds +4 to hero's attack.

Capture Shahibdiya, the city where Orcs were brought to life
Orc legend tells that Shahibdiya, the birthplace of the first Orcs, can be found to the South-East of here. Legends say that human criminals were infused with Demon blood, constructing a warrior servant race that turned the tide of the battles in the first war against the Demons. Centuries later the warrior slave Kunyak liberated the Orcs and they scattered; some with Kunyak to the southern islands and others to the steppes of Ranaar. Gotai wishes to perform a funeral rite at the birthplace of their greatest hero as an inspiration for all Orcs. It will also make a statement to the peoples of Ashan that the Orcs are now a free and independent force that must be reckoned with.
Gotai must survive
This is only the beginning of a glorious future for the Orcs... if Gotai survives.
Kill Alaric, and avenge Quroq
Alaric has found Gotai. It is time for Quroq's death to be avenged. Gotai will settle for nothing less than Alaric's head.

Secondary Objectives:
Repair the Golems
Gotai has discovered a very strange place, littered with rusting pieces of armour and magic-imbued crystals. He is filled with compassion, as he knows this to be the work of Wizards who play with the secrets of life -- as they did when they created the Orcs. A golem head that he pulls from a fountain speaks to him, telling him that a Gremlin could reanimate their broken bodies. They would reward Gotai and his army generously for his act of compassion.
Capture all Academy towns
Capture all Academy towns
Capture the Haven town
The Steel Men have built the town of Northcross in an ideal location. It stragically protects all water routes within the region, and would be a great boon for Gotai's plans. His armies would have access to water transportation while taking this advantage away from his enemy.
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