To Honor our Fathers - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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To Honor our Fathers (To Honor our Fathers)

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  1. Collecting Skulls
  2. One Khan, One Clan
  3. Father Sky's Fury
  4. Mother Earth's Wisdom
  5. Hunting the Hunter

Mission Four: Mother Earth's Wisdom

Having rallied numerous clans to Gotai's horde, Kujin has decided to take the shortest route to her meeting point with the new Khan, a path shown to her in a dream. Her trek will take her through the Mystic Mountains, where wisdom is as valuable an ally as brute force. The presence of demons is a bad omen, and Kujin hopes to counter it by finding the sign sent to her in a vision, the Man of the Web Weaver. She must protect and strengthen her army for her reunion with Gotai, while staying true to her Orc nature, and slaughtering any demons she that might stumble across her path.

Map Size: 136x136
Max Hero Level: 26

Starting Bonus:
40 Goblins

40 Goblins

10 Centaurs

10 Centaurs

Armor of Valor

Armor of Valor

Increasing hero's Defence and Morale by +1

Rally Gotai at the prearranged meeting point
Kujin follows the path shown to her in a dream. She is eager to rally the new Khan, and reinforce Gotai's horde, but Kujin knows that the path Mother Earth has drawn out for her risks to try her own patience. She must remain watchful and learn as much as possible about anything suspect she encounters. This is Mother Earth's way.
Banish the Inferno Hero
The presence of demons confirms Kujin's worst interpretations of the visions sent to her by Mother Earth. Gotai has been called upon in a very dark hour, the children of Urgash walk the lands of Ashan once again. There is no time to waste, Kujin must send the Demon leader back to Sheogh as quickly as possible. Then she will continue her quest to reinforce the Horde.
Kujin must survive
For her journey to continue, Kujin must survive.

Secondary Objectives:
Find the Tarot Deck
The first portal dug into Kujin's memories like a Yak tick, and the shaman was able to learn that successive portals wil require even greater wisdom in order to pass without waking their guardians. Kujin needs to find artefacts that will increase her knowledge. A Tarot Deck would be a good place to start.
Find and explore the Sunken Temple
Kujin has learned that a Sunken Temple can be found somewhere in the area. She decides that the treasure rumored buried there would potentially be of great bennefit to Gotai's war effort. Kujin is more than tempted to go and pillage it in the interest of fighting Mother Earth's enemies. Luck has nothing to do with it, this is the way of the Orcs.
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