To Honor our Fathers - Heroes of Might and Magic 5

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To Honor our Fathers (To Honor our Fathers)

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  1. Collecting Skulls
  2. One Khan, One Clan
  3. Father Sky's Fury
  4. Mother Earth's Wisdom
  5. Hunting the Hunter

Mision Two: One Khan, One Clan

The contest is won, and Gotai is now the chief of the Orcish army in his right. He is eager to take his rightful place as the head of the Horde, make it to the Griffin Empire as an irrepressible avalanche and invade the Academy. Even the fact that some of the Clans of the Orcs haven't yet heard the news about the new leader's appearance and sworn loyalty to him can not stop Gotai: the delightful moment of revenge is so close! But Gotai has a loyal aide who will call on these chiefs and tell them who is their only leader now…

Map Size: 176x176
Max Hero Level: 20

Starting Bonus:
4 Shamans

4 Shamans

50 Goblin Trappers

50 Goblin Trappers



(Left handed) Increases hero's attack by +3

Talk to the northern Clans' chiefs
The chiefs of the four northern Clans are still unaware of Gotai's being recognized as the leader of the whole nation of Orcs. Kujin will have to bring this news to them and put down those who'd not like it. But war is not to be declared: the she-Shaman's task is a diplomatic mission, not a bloody slaughter. Thus, her task is to reach all Orc Clan's towns and talk to their leaders.
Talk to the chief of the Osol-Aih Clan
The walls of Osol-Aih are adorned with the rotten coprpes of those, who tried to take them by force. Kujin realizes that sieging such a strong town will do little good and is hoping that its chief will be convinced to accept Gotai's rule easily.
Talk to the chief of the Baishin-gal Clan
Baishin-gal is one of the most well-protected Orcish strongholds in the region, which makes it a very important strategic town for Gotai. Kujin must speak with its chief and do her best to make him to submit to the new Horde's leader deliberately.
Talk to the chief of the Harakh Clan
The Orcs of Harakh have long been known for their ferocity, intractability and hatred for strangers of any race. That is why Kujin anticipates explicable resistance from their chief, but will do anything to avoid direct confrontation and obtain his cooperation in a peaceful way.
Talk to the chief of the Ull-Dash Clan
The warriors of Ull-Dash Clan know the secret of Luck, which helped them to win many seamingly desperate battles. Kujin does not want to put their ability to the test right now and is determined to demonstrate the best of her diplomatic skills during the conversation with their chief.
Kujin must survive
To continue her pursuit, Kujin must survive.
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